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If you’re looking for a cheap place to live or to rent out in Spain, it’s best to avoid the big cities. The main Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona are very modern yet have historical architecture. For this reason, the housing also contains design elements that have a high market value. However, to live in big cities, you need have a high salary or a hefty pension because the costs of living are considerably higher than in other areas.

Cities at the Mediterranean Coast
The coastal areas of Spain are especially popular for native Spaniards, ex-pats and houseflippers alike. If you already know how to work the houseflipping business, here is a very interesting tool to instantly see the profits you could make.

There are three main advantages to these areas, namely sun, sea and sangria! Compared to other countries, it’s still pretty affordable to live on the Mediterranean coast of Spain – in some areas you can get an apartment overlooking the sea for about € 60.000. A real bargain!

Where To Find a Bargain in Almeria
One very interesting coastal city in Spain is Almeria, where the average price of real estate is around € 100.000. On the southern coast of Spain, in the region of Andalusia, prices may be high but there are many places where the average selling price is less than € 114.000. Almeria is an especially popular destination, famous for its well-preserved Moorish heritage, as well as two coastal towns in its province, Mojácar and Vera. In the interior of Andalusia, Martos, known for its excellent olive oil, is a very cheap city, with an average selling price of just € 38.000.

Wherever you will look, keep in mind prices can go up and down quickly or worse someone beat you to it! Check this page regularly to find all the available properties under € 50.000.

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