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Glossary: Spanish Legal Terms Translated to English



Abogado - Lawyer

Act de notoriedad - Legal act or document

Acta notarial - Notary’s certificate (debts)

Actos jurídicos documentados - Title registry

Agrupación de Fincas - Group of country properties

Aseroria - Accountant

Alta catastral - Land registry inscription

API (Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria - Official estate agent

Arrendamiento de obra - Building contract

Asiento de presentación - Provisional property inscription at the land registry


Banco - Bank

Cuenta de Banco - Bank account

Tarjeta de Banco - Bank card

Boletin de enganche - Supply report. It contains information on how much power and water a property is allowed.


Cargas - Land charges registered against the property

Cancelacion - Cancellation

Cédula de habitabilidad - Habitation certificate

Certificado registral - Certificate showing debts attached to a property

Certificación - Certification

Certificado final de obra - Building completion certificate

Código civil - Civil Rights

Comisión de urbanismo - Building/Planning commission

Comunidad de propietarios - Community of owners

Condición  resolutoria - Condition to concel a contract

Contrato de opción - Optional contract, with the right to buy a property, mostly by paying 10% deposit

Contracto privado de compraventa - Private purchase contract

Copropietarios - Co-owner , when several persons own a property together

Cuerpo cierto - Non variable condition. A condition that cannot be changed

Cuota - Instalment, changes


Declaración de obra nueva - New build certificate

Demarcación de Costas - Coastal

Derecho de retención - Deposit that you pay to the internal revenue office if you are not resident in Spain

Deracho de superficie - Land management rights

Deracho de tanteo/retracto - Purchasing Rights enables you to reserve an object to them later buy it or not

Deposito - Deposit


Edificabildad Máxima - Construction limits

Embargo - Repossessions

Escritura - Deeds

Escritura publico de compraventa - Public sales deeds


Finca - Country property

Finca registrada - Registered country property


Gestoria - Specialists used to obtain official authorisations, permits & licences                                                           


Hacienda publica - Internal Revenue

Hipotca - Mortgage


IBI (Impuesto sobre bienes inmuebles) - Real Estate Tax (Rates)

Impuesto de actos jurídicos documentados - Documented legal acts tax, that is to be paid to lawyers

Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales - Property Transfer Tax currently 8% levied at all re-sale property                                                            

Impuesto sobre el incremento del valor de los terrenos - Tax on increase of land value

Impuesto sobre el patrimonio - Wealth tax

Impuesto sobre sucesiones y donaciones - Succession and gift tax

Impuesto municipales - Local tax

Información urbanística cédula - Urban planning department

Institución de heredero - Appoint an inheritor

IRPF - Income tax

IVA - Value added tax (VAT) currently 10% levied at new property not yet registed


Ley de arrendamientos urbanos - Local rental laws / Tenancies Act

Ley de la propiedad horizontal - Horizontal property tax

Ley del suelo - Floor area regulations

Libre de cargas - Debt free

Licencia de obras - Building Licence (building permission)

Licencia de primera  ocupación - First occupation licence                                                                                                     


NIE (número personal de identificación de Extranjeros - Foreigners personal identification Number

NIF (número de identificación fiscal - Fiscal identity Number

Nota simple - Information document on a property and its owner

Nota simple informativa - Land registry certifícate – local searches

Notario - Official authorised to certify contracts


Obligación personal - Obligation to pay tax as a resident

Obra nueva - New build

Oferta vinculante - Bank document specifying mortgage conditions

Ocupación Máxima - Maximum occupancy


Parcela - Plot

Permiso de obra menor - Minor builing permission

Plan parcial - Urbanisation plan

Pago en efectivo - Cash payment

Planta - Floor or level

Plusvalia - Municipal tax for increase value on land a property sits on

Poder - Authorisation / Power of Attorney

Prestamo / con techo - Loan / with variable interest rates minimuma & maximums

Posesión - Possession

Prestamo hipotecario - Mortgage loan

Precio de venta - Sales price

Procurador - Barrister

Promotor - Promoter

Propiedad - Property

Propietario - Owner


Recepción definitiva - Construction completion

Registro de la propiedad - Land register

Representante fiscal - Foreigners official tax representative

Residencia - Residency permit - required for foreigners livig in Spain for more than 180 days per year


Representante fiscal - Fiscal representative

S.A. (Sociedad Anónima) - Association / Incorporation

Saneamiento - Reconstruction

Seguro multirriesgo hogar - Home insurance

Seguro de amortizacion de prestamos - Loan repayments insurance

Segregación de fincas - Country property positioning

Señal - Deposit or down payment

Separación a linderos - Distance between plots

Servidumbre de tránsito - Accessibility

Solar - Building Plot

Subasta - Auction

Suelo no urbanizable - Non buildable floor

Suelo Rústico - Non permanente floor

Suelo urbanizable - Building land or plot

Suelo urbano - Urban area


Tarjeta de residencia - Residence card

Tasa de cambio - Exchange rate

Tasa - Fee

Titulo de propiedad - Title deeds stating the ownership of a property - date of sale etc

Tipo de interes - Rate of interest

Toma de posesión - Taking possesion

Tasadores - Assessor required by the bank before granting a mortgage

Tasación - Independent valuaton of a property

Traspaco - Transfer


Urbanización privada - Private Urbanisation

Uso de oficinas - Office use

Usucapión - When you get a plot for a time period awarded by the courts

Usufructo - Rights of use

UTM - Plot number at the land register


Valor catastral - Land registry value for tax purposes

Valor comprobado por la administración - Amount checked ny Internal Revenue

Valor real - Real estate value


Zona de servidumbre de protección - Accessibility protected area

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